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The holiday season is a great time for reflection and connection.  I created the Good Gifter for the purpose of bringing together today's influential and successful experts to empower entrepreneurs to take their own brands, businesses, and lives to the next level.  It's also a great time for learning and getting ready for the coming year.  Get equipped to turn your ideas into plans, your plans into actions, and your actions into results.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to see all the gifts and BONUSES!

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Jennifer Henczel

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Paul Henczel, BBA is the author of "Miracle in a Mill: Crushed  Alive!" and Creator of Story Academy.    He has an inspirational story loved by all audiences . He uses his experiences of overcoming adversity and daily challenges to inspire and empower others to tell their stories. 

Paul Henczel

300 Affirmations for Your Life and Business

$197 Value

Download Jennifer's Event Success Plan and Social Media Checklists for Before, During and After Your Events  .   Jennifer is  a Trainer, Author,   Founder of  Connect Now  Business Network, and Co-Creator of  Story Academy.    You will receive access to Jennifer's  52 weeks  accountability and goal setting program.   Learn the mindset  strategies she's used to grow her network and  business. 

Jennifer Henczel

Event Buzz: A Blueprint for Filling Your 

Events and Increasing Engagement

Want to share your knowledge by creating an online course? Enjoy one month free on Thinkific, the all-in-one platform for creating and selling online courses, plus $800 worth of premium training for online course creators.   Tyler Basu is an Author, Podcast Host, Online Course Creator and Digital Magazine Publisher who helps entrepreneurs leverage the power of content marketing to attract and retain their ideal clients. 

Tyler Basu

The Online Course Creator Bundle

$897 Value

 Isabelle is a Ted Talks Speaker and Brand Strategist, and in this high value gift you will walk away with a way to differentiate yourself, boost your confidence, create more impact AND a few kick-butt resources to help you take action.

Isabelle Mercier

Rock Your Business Into Shape: Learn The #1 Mistake Even Smart Small Business Owners Make That Keep Them Overwhelmed, Overworked, and Underpaid

$497 Value

 Patty Farmer, The Networking CEO™, is an award-winning and in-demand marketing professional, social media strategist, professional speaker, radio show host and co-author of two highly acclaimed books: Make Your Connections Count and Success in High Heels.  Patty wants   to help  you grow your list, gain more visibility as well as expand your reach AND your bank account! 

Patty Farmer

Six Figure Joint Ventures

Create profitable partnerships no matter how large or small your list!

$97 Value

Theresa is a Gourmet Raw Food Chef and Nutrition Instructor and a Certified Integrative Energy Healer.  She creates  insanely delicious recipes and health discoveries to help others, so they can live a yummier and more fulfilling life, regardless of  health conditions, food sensitivities, and dietary restrictions.

Dr. Theresa Nicassio

Sampler of 2016 World Award-Winning YUM: Plant-based Recipes for a Gluten-free Diet

$47 Value

Use this gift to increase sales, fill your workshops, grow your email list and drive leads to your consulting practice! Karen McGregor is the creator of the Speaker Success Formula and Rock the Stage. 

Karen McGregor

5 clients in 5 minutes: What to Say When You only have a Few Minutes to Speak

$47 Value

Dan LeFave, the "Prepare for Anything” Coach, is co-author of Stepping Stones to Success with guru’s Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley and he’s a motivational trainer in accelerated learning and success with his "Morning Success Ritual".

Dan LeFave

Do You Know the Most Significant Practice Behind The Most Successful Business Leaders? Instantly Watch The Training and Get Your Checklist.  

$67 Value

Sherri-Lee Woycik is a Huffington Post Writer, a   Facebook Marketing Expert,  and founder of Social  Media Minder.  Sherri-Lee’s mission is to help heart-centered entrepreneurs get more clients and customers from Facebook.  

Sherri-Lee Woycik

10 Tips to Increase Your Engagement on Facebook 

$97 Value

Stop seeing amazing opportunities pass you by – seize these opportunities and achieve the potential in your career and life that YOU know is possible! Watch people be amazed by your improved speaking confidence. It’s time to regain control in your professional career as well as your personal relationships. 

Lucas Mattiello

5 Steps to Triple Your Public Speaking Confidence

$197 Value

Your Key to Personal and Professional Success!

Authenticity is the gold standard for business and professional leaders, as well as in personal relationships. Misunderstanding authenticity can derail a career, a business, and even a friendship. You can learn to be authentic, and this training and consultation will show you how!

Kristine Madera

Three Steps to Authenticity Training & 30-Minute Consultation

$297 Value

Are you trying to do everything in your business yourself and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? Have you invested in a Marketing Automation system but have yet to fully setup and utilize the system? Sharon's gift will help you save time, reduce overwhelm and make more money. Sharon helps her clients setup and maintain marketing automation sequences giving them the peace of mind to step back and be the CEO of their business knowing that their backend systems are in good hands working 24/7 to grow their business.

Sharon Booker

5 Must Have Automation Sequences: How To Save Time, Reduce Overwhelm, and Make More Money With Ease

$97 Value

After 9 years of working closely with her clients, one thing has become very clear to Tracey is that using keywords can make the difference between mediocre to magnificent results. This is one of the greatest lead generation tools that's  often overlooked by business owners.

Tracey Ehman

Keyword Marketing Secrets: The Secret to Using Proper Keywords to Increase Social Media Marketing Results

$97 Value

A challenge for midlife women who feel stuck, but are ready for their "next chapter". I'm a midlife fulfillment coach who is passionate about partnering with you on your journey to passion and purpose.

Maria Allyn

7 Day Midlife Mastery Challenge: A challenge for midlife women who feel stuck, but are ready for their "next chapter".

$97 Value

Are you hearing a lot about Snapchat,   but are not sure how to incorporate it into your social media marketing as an entrepreneur and  small  business owner?  Lorri  has the answers for you! She has mastered this platform and  will show you how tomake it work to help you grow   your reach and your  business.  

Lorri Ratzlaff

Snapchat for Today’s Entrepreneur

$47 Value

Teri Holland helps people move from where they are to where they want to be in a short period of time. She is a board certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy® and a Master Coach. 

Teri Holland

7 Secrets to Get Unstuck so You can Create the Life you Want!

$47 Value

Sheila, a Certified Wholistic Life Mastery Coach, believes that Gratitude is a foundation piece to living a truly connected, authentic and vibrant life. In this guide she will give you the reasons why Gratitude is so important and 5 suggestions as to how to make it a part of your daily practice.

Sheila Sutherland

The 5 Steps to Gratitude 

Gratitude Your Way to a More Positive Life

$197 Value

Tazeem is a small business coach, specializing is Customer service, helping people with their retail sales and their visual story. Download Tazeem's best tips to build your business regardless of your industry

Tazeem Jamal

The Tao of Customer Loyalty: 17 Memorable ways to create Evangelists for Your Product, Program or Network

$147 Value

Learn strategies that will help you to feel empowered every day of your life.  It's a sweet, sweet life when "You know your worth, Own your worth and live your worth!"

Caterina Barregar

30 Days To Total Empowerment Challenge

$197 Value

Christine Till is known as the Marketing Mentress. To have a “Show-Stopping” profile you need to have these 5 things in place.

Christine Till

Five Key Things you NEED TO DO to Get Your LinkedIn on Steroids!

$47 Value

Download the 3 Dangerous Trends Professional Women Face that keep them overworked, overwhelmed and pulled in a million directions. Diane Rolston is a leading authority in being a Dynamic Woman and living a Dynamic Life. Combining a mix of coaching and personal development, her Key 2 Success eBook and K2S Strategy Session will give you more clarity, confidence and an action plan, so you can get where you want to go in the quickest time possible.

Diane Rolston

Key 2 Success eBook & K2S Strategy Session


(1.) Help you see how your passion can pay your bills and give you freedom.  (2.) Show you how everyone you are connected to wants to help you.  (3.) Learn how to overcome the fear of charging people for doing what you love.

Katherine Waddell

Live Your Passion and Get Paid For It: Turn your Thoughts into Money

$97 Value

You will receive 4 hours of business tools training.  No budget for a virtual assistant? Try putting these systems in place and using these tools to help save you money.

Abigail Kuhn

Business Tools Training to Help you Automate Your Business

$197 Value


Who couldn't use all those tools?  

Brilliant Mindset Mastery Success System


$597 Value

  Receive access to Jennifer's 52 weeks accountability and goal setting program.   Learn the mindset strategies Jennifer Henczel  used to grow her network and business.   Jennifer  is  a Trainer, Author,   Founder of  Connect Now  Business Network, and Co-Creator of  Story Academy. 

Who is this for?  Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, and Speakers who want to better connect with their audience, capture more leaders, and get better results. 

20 Subject Lines for Open Worthy Emails - WOW! 

100 Opt-in or Program Title Ideas - WOW! 

300+ Power Words for crafting your message to attract your ideal clients - WOW!

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